Snæfellsnes 2 days 1-night private tour

Pick up from hotel or designated pick up location: 08:30
Duration of tour: 2 days
Inclusions: Vehicle, accommodation, breakfast, driver guide, fuel, taxes, parking.
Exclusions: Any food or drink, gratuity or snacks.

Day 1.

From your hotel in Reykjavík, we will start our drive up the west coast of Iceland until we get to Borganes, this little village was a big trading post here in the west for many century’s, we will stop there at a local gas station for restrooms and snacks.

From Borgarnes we are heading into the Snæfellsnes peninsula leaving the ring road.

Our first stop will be one of Iceland’s few white sand beaches Ytri Tunga, maybe there if we are lucky, we will be able to see some seals.
Our next stop will be the little place of Arnarstapi, there we will get the chance to take a lovely walk along the coastline, on the walk you will be able to see a few very beautiful rock formations like Gataklettur. Also, we will visit a large sculpture of Bárður Snæfellsás, but he is believed to have been both a man and a troll and the protector of the people living in Snæfellsnes.
At Arnarstapi we will also get the chance to sit down and have some lunch.

From Arnarstapi we only have a short drive to our next stop, Lóndrangar, they are old lava tubes that ones were deep inside a large crater that since have been eroded away by the ocean.
Now we are heading to the beach, a Black sandy beach called Djúpalónssandur, there you will learn about the ways and the hardships of the fishermen in earlier century’s and learn about why the beach is called Djúpalónssandur.

From the beach our last stop is going to be Saxhóll, this perfectly shaped crater was formed some 6000 years ago and is 40m high, they have built stairs up to the top of it so you can walk up and get a nice view over the area.
From here we will end our day at Hellissandur where our hotel awaits us.

Búðir Church
Stone arch by Arnarstapi

Day 2.

Our second day starts with a waterfall called Sveðjufoss here we will stop for a short while to capture some photos of these beautiful falls.

Then we will drive through a small fishing village called Ólafsvík, this town has not really changed since the ’80s and is almost like a model fishing village for Iceland.

Now we have a short drive to the most photographed mountain in Iceland Kirkjufell and the waterfall by the mountain Kirkjufellsfoss, here you can take a nice walk around the falls capturing many different angled photos of the mountain.

From the mountain we are headed to the next town over Grundarfjörður, there we will stop in a small coffee shop which is also the town’s library and you can also walk around a tiny museum, which is probably the smallest in the country.

From here we will drive to Borgarnes for a shortstop and then its time to head to Reykjavík where we will take you to your accommodation.

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