Northern Lights private tour

On a crisp clear night, we head out for the hunt.

Pick up from hotel or designated pick up location: 21:00
Duration of tour: 3-4 hours
Inclusions: Vehicle, driver guide, fuel, taxes, parking, entry fees.
Exclusions: Any food or drink, gratuity or snack´s.

Northern Lights

We hunt for the elusive Northern Lights. But there a few things that come into play for the search. We´ll need a relatively clear sky. It does not have to be completely clear, but the clearer the sky, the better the chances.
There also needs to be activity on the solar surface “solar flares” This is what actually causes the lights. Also, the moon needs to be in the right position, and it has to be the right time of the month for the lunar cycle.

Time of year is also important for the lights. A common misunderstanding that the lights are best in the middle of winter, that is not the case. The prime time for the lights in autumn and spring equinox. This, however, does not mean you can´t see the light in the depth of winter, just not as common.

Northern Lights

All of this we take into consideration to make an estimate if a tour is worth taking you out.

Northern Lights
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